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Basic electronic knowledge
Basic optics knowledge
3D modeling(if you using different size components)
3D printing(if you print the case by yourself)
Axure HTML prototyping(if you want test software prototype)


AV output FLCOS Monocular display and driver
Android mini topbox(AV output, bluetooth, WIFI, USB power Supply, built-in camera and microphone, OTG USB, 90x35x10MM)
USB Capacitive touch pad(53x30MM, output cable size: 1MMx6 Pin)
400mah Li-ion battery(38x20x8MM)
1A  4.2-5V Li-ion battery charger circuit (23x13x3.5MM)
Micro USB plug
1MM 6Pin FPC
1MM to Normal wire FFC conversion borad (Customized)
PBS cube prism  (15x15x15MM)
PMMA planoconvex lens x2 (Diameter: 23mm, Focal length40-50MM)
Front reflecting mirror (20x15x3MM, Customized)
Wireless charger component (Optional,23MM)
Earphone speaker  (You can get if from you broken earphone or chose bone conduction speaker,Diameter:17mm, Thickness: 7MM)


Soldering tool (Solder, Welding table, 0.3MM Solder Wire, Flux)
Thiner wire in different color (Diameter: 0.5-1MM), Dupont Line
2.5MM Male Plug to 3 RCA Male Splitter Audio Video AV Cable
Softer thiner Micro USB to USB Male to Male
Multimeter, Vernier caliper
USB Portable Charger
Hot Melt Glue Gun, Insulating tape, AB glue, Blu Tack
AV cable for Testing, TV, WIFI environment
Rhinoceros 5.0
Axure RP 7.0

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