Simple design, Affordable price, Easily extensible

Free your imagination with our simplest and most achievable platform

$ Cost

O.S.G is a non-profit organization. We want to share all of our knowledge to create a platform for people who want to try wearable design. Welcome to visit. Welcome to try and welcome to join and contribute.

Universal Android Support

O.S.G is running on Android 4.0, which gives you the most powerful and popular platform to develop and test you apps.

Multiple connections

The platform supports bluetooth, Wifi, OTG USB, multi-touch, camera and voice inputting. You app is free to use everything to enhance the experience.

Low threshold

We try to make everything easy in order to generate your imagination. Using components purchased online, after simple soldering and testing, you are on your way to a pair of customized smart glasses.

Budget saving

We don’t want to let the budget restrain you. The total cost of components is less than $120. But low price doesn’t lower the quality, you still can test your design on a dual core system.

Beyond hardware

Our mission is not to give everyone a hardware system. We also provide an interactive prototype to encourage your ideas on wearable experiences.

Participating and contributing

We are an open community develops with your ideas and participation. Join us, discuss with us, share with us, help each other.