About design open source

Why we talk about Design open source? Becouse we didn’t open any source code for now. And that’s also not our purpose. We want to give everyone a simple design solution and encourage more people to join us.

And we will follow Creative Commons Licenses – Attribution NonCommercial, Open and non-profit. We will open source our team work on industrial design, Interaction design, visual design, hardware and software source files. For people to learning and trying. Every project base on this should be open and non-profit too. Please share you smart idea. We will keep our rights if you try to make it commercialized.

You can:

  • Free to copy, public, show and spread this project.
  • You can design and develop you own project base on O.S.G.


  • Attribution – You have to attribution if you using our design or source files.
  • Non-profit – Please don’t commercialized it.

Our team may have different commercialized projects or cooperation projects. We will keep our O.S.G track pure and independent. And keep every thing form our contributor away from business.