About Open Smart Glass

Wearable is the most popular words in pass year. We are thinking of the relationship between our self and  smart device getting closer. Bad or Beautiful future. Google wear and Apple watch tell us something about that. We want to start something different. The purpose of O.S.G is not showing a prefect smallest and optimized solution for commercial. And compare with other competitors. It’s for people who love wearable and want to test something on most real environment. To combine every single power from all the Dreamer, to create a platform for all the Dreamer.

Where we start

This project start on a daring hypothesis in March 2014. When I check the design of Google glass, I feel I can geting the similar prototype by combin some component which I can shopping online. And can be much cheaper to test my smart glass interface concept. I seeking for all the knowledge I need and try everything I never tried before. From electronic, soldering, optics, 3D modeling and 3D printing. I enjoy everything I can learn and I can try in this personal project. After 3 version hardware and 5 version of appearance design with long shopping list. I got something much more powerful than I planed 4 month ago.

O.S.G Team

O.S.G is a starting community now. We invite every one who have vision on open source wearable devices to join us. To improve this platform. Please send us Email with short self intro and skills you can contribute. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Open source and cooperation

We will using website, froum and other SNS platfrom from this project. All the self organized community also welcome. I will public all my design thinking and source files on website. But please don’t using it for commercial purpose. I will keep the rights if some one try this.
But it doesn’t mean we reject all the cooperation. We love all the cooperations can improve this projects. For example hardware manufacturing, software or driver support. We will list you as one of our partner on website and sell those think on our website.

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You can contact us by Email

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